Volunteerism is now a world trend that has been instrumental in changes the lives of many people. The usual volunteer concept is of someone physically doing something or passing on a skill in the particular project or country the volunteer visits. However at Feed My Lamb Kabarole, we regard everyone that comes to stay with us as a friend in fact we are aiming to build a global family.


About us

Feed My Lamb (FML) Kabarole. Established in 2015, Feed My Lamb (FML) Kabarole is a community driven non-profit community based organisation that is dedicated to creating a healthy independent generation of rehabilitated orphaned and vulnerable children. It was founded by members who were overwhelmed by the increasing number of street children, orphans and other vulnerable children that continue to lack physical, social, economic and spiritual care, resulting in psychological stress, which can lead them into bad habits like drug abuse, theft, and prostitution, among others. The founding members organised themselves to engage in development programs and activities aimed at restoring sustainable hope to vulnerable children.